50 yard range upgrade.

During the week starting November 14, 2022 the work on the 50 yard range will take place. The range will be closed while work is going on so be prepared to use a different range if you arrive and find people working on the range.

If available to help, contact Dennis Dyer.

Membership year end counting down.

Two days left to get it done!
No time for snail mail now. Use the on line renewal on the website. If for any reason there is a problem with the website and you can’t make it work in time, send an email stating the problem to durhamrodandgunclub@gmail.com. The email must be time and date stamped by 6/30/22 11:59pm to be considered.

At 00:01 am on 7/1/22, all memberships that have not been renewed will be forfeited per the bylaws. You will then be required to apply and get on the waiting list.

Nelson Frost
President, Durham Rod and Gun Club

All current memberships Expire June 30.

If you plan on renewing your membership, it must be done by June 30, no exceptions.
If you plan on not renewing your membership, please let us know by email.
If you have already renewed your membership, Thanks.

When using the online renewal part of the website, keep in mind that setting up a new recurring payment will pay for this year and automatically pay next year and so on.

DRGC Admin