Range Policies – Updated as of November 14, 2016.  Please review carefully.

Please Make Sure of your Muzzle Control.  All Muzzles Pointed at the Berm and Down Range At All Times.

Please Remember that We have Houses within 1000 feet of the backside of the berm.  Your Continued Use of the Range depends on YOUR SAFE Use and Muzzle Control.

Pistol Range 25

Shooting is done from the firing line in the structure in one of four lanes.

Target frames must be placed to ensure rounds strike the berm.

All paper targets must have cardboard backing and be placed in such a manner so that the bullets will not strike the target frame.

Maximum of four shooters at any given time unless under control of Range Safety Officer(s).

Maximum distance from berm is 25 yards for pistol and revolvers.

No cross lane shooting is allowed.

Tactical and combat-style shooting are prohibited.

Only pistols or revolvers (any caliber) and .22 LR caliber rifles are allowed. Rifles are to be shot from the firing line in one of four lanes.

Shotguns and 22 magnum and above caliber rifles are NOT allowed on the 25 yard range.

Steel targets are to be shot from lane one. Use only 22 lr on the plate rack. When not shooting steel targets, lane one target frame should be placed to prevent rounds from striking plate rack.

Rifle Ranges 50-100-200

No rapid firing.

Tactical and combat-style shooting are prohibited.

Shotgun shooting/patterning activity is to be conducted from designated shotgun facility only, located on 50-yard range.

Never place target closer to the firing line.  If needed, move the firing line closer to the target.

All Ranges

All paper targets must have cardboard backing and be placed in such a manner so that the bullets will not strike the target frame or post.

Place targets so the bullets will pass above the lower and below the upper horizontal supports.

All spent brass / casings must be cleaned up and cardboard backing and targets disposed of properly.

Safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn on an active range.

All steel targets must be approved
by the Range Officer.

Do not use steel core or bonded bullets on steel targets.

A list of authorized targets will be inserted here soon.

Rapid Fire is Defined as pulling the trigger as fast as possible in an effort to empty the magazine.  Timed fire such as courses of fire used in NRA competitions or events is allowed.


Per order of the general membership and executive Committee.

Range procedures will be inserted here when complete.

General Club Facility Rules

a. Members using the Club’s facilities must Have a valid membership card in their possession and produce it when requested by other members. To help monitor Club utilization, all members will sign in when arriving and out when leaving the property.

b. Only members and their guests (limit of two (2) – not including immediate family members of the Club member) are allowed to use the facilities except during any scheduled event that open to the public.

c. Children of Club members and/or their guests under sixteen (16) years of age must be in the close presence of a parent or guardian at all times. Children will not be allowed at large on Club property at any time.

d. Children under eighteen (I8) years of age are prohibited from using any range facility unless under close supervision of a parent, guardian or adult instructor.

e. Every member is entitled to gate combination. Such combination shall be given after dues are paid and Club orientation completed.

f. Smoking is prohibited in all Club buildings.

g. The speed limit on Pound Road is fifteen (15) MPH, and ten (10) MPH on the Club road.

h. There will be no discharge of any firearm prior to 9:00 A.M. or later than sunset seven days a week.

i. Concealed Firearms Permit holders may carry concealed firearms on Club property as long as they remain “CONCEALED” (in a vehicle, under a coat, jacket, etc.). When the above stated firearm becomes visible, it is no longer covered by this caveat and must be rendered in accordance with all general gun handling and safety rules.  Open carried holstered handguns must be unloaded except when on the firing line.

j. The use of fully automatic firearms in the full auto mode is not permitted on Club property.


  1. Unleashed dogs, unless under owner’s command
  2. ATV’s, dirt bikes, bicycles, unless for Club events
  3. Kites or model airplanes
  4. Hunting or trapping
  5. Cutting or removal of trees, unless authorized by the Executive Committee
  6. Littering
  7. Drugs or alcohol
  8. Golfing or driving golf balls
  9. No shot larger than #8 for trap and 5 stand, #9 for skeet
  10. Glass, cans, and any other non-authorized targets
  11. Cal. 50 B.M.G. firearms.
  12. No use of Archery Broad-heads on any arrows.

Facility Maintenance

Maintenance, upkeep and safety of all Club Facilities are the responsibility of all Club members.

All members should assist in the ongoing maintenance, upkeep and safety of all Club facilities by adhering to some basic rules and common sense:

  1. Always sign in, identify range usage, run up the flag.
  2. Always sign out, if you are the last to leave the facility, Shut off all lights, and  lower the flag.
  3. If you shoot up a target frame, repair the frame before you leave the facility.
  4. Notify the Maintenance Officer (or any Club Officer) of any damages.
  5. Do not leave sheds open / unlocked – spin lock tumblers, ensure the lock is closed and locked.
  6. Pick up all brass, shot gun wads and any miscellaneous trash.
  7. Pick up all cardboard / targets.
  8. If you are the last to leave be sure the gate is closed and locked at all times.

Maintenance equipment such as hammers, nails, staple guns / staples, cardboard, shovels, rakes, etc. can be found in the maintenance shed. Lumber for repairs can be found utility trailer behind the Clubhouse.

If you need to notify someone, there is a Club Officers Listing in the sign in box.

All members will be assigned to a committee and will be asked to assist in some capacity. If you did not identify a specific area of interest and/or support on your application, one will be assigned to you. Committee listings have been provided to the identified committee chairpersons who may be contacting you for support. You can contact any committee chairperson to confirm what committee you have been assigned to or what committee you would prefer to support.