The Durham Rod and Gun club is a closed member (and guest) only club located in Durham Maine. Membership is currently limited to 350 members. We encourage interested parties to apply even if we don’t have any open spots because we do maintain an ongoing waiting list.

All new members must fill-out an online application, have a member sponsor and must be approved by the membership committee. All approved applicants must attend an orientation session and will be required to pay a one-time $20.00 fee and the pro-rated annual membership dues at that time.

Our current annual membership rate is $80.00 for check or cash payments.  Online renewals are $85. The added $5 covers the cost of online processing and is not refundable . Our rates are subject to change as needed to support our grounds, facility and events. Our membership dues expire automatically every June 30th and renewals are paid each year annually in June or before.

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