Application Instructions

There may be limited memberships available annually and we encourage you to fill out an application to be placed on our waiting list.

I hereby apply for membership in the Durham Rod & Gun Club. I understand that my application will be reviewed by the Club’s Officers and Executive Committee and, if approved, I will be voted on by the general membership. If accepted, I agree to become a member and maintain my membership in the NRA. I also agree to abide by the Club Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. The undersigned, my heirs and assigns, hereby agree to waive, release and hold harmless the Durham Road & Gun Club from and all legal responsibility or liability which might in any manner result or arise causing him/her damage to his/her person or property or to the person or property of those for whom he/she is directly responsible. Accidents do not often happen by chance or act of God; they are most frequently caused by improper training or inattention to detail. Other major causes of accidents range from failure to recognize the potential hazards that attend the activity such as poor mental attitude, lack of discipline or negligence. Virtually every human activity involves some risk of physical harm. I hereby certify and affirm that I am not prohibited by law from owning or possessing a firearm pursuant to Tile 15, Section 393, and Subsection1, of Maine Law.(Required)