Ranges are again open. 9am until sunset

Thank you to all members for your understanding in closing the DRGC ranges while we all navigated this past weeks tragedy. The ranges are now open to members 9:00am until sunset. Please keep strictly to these hours.

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Ranges Closed until further notice

In light of the recent and ongoing shooting and man hunt so close to home, we have decided that it is best to keep the ranges closed . Please stay safe and keep your families close.

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Winter Range Use Tips

Clear snow away before shooting to aid in brass pick up. Remove taped on or stapled paper targets from the coroplast (plastic) backing when finished shooting. Store the 25 yard target stand bases under the roof so they are clear for snow removal...

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50 yard range upgrade.

During the week starting November 14, 2022 the work on the 50 yard range will take place. The range will be closed while work is going on so be prepared to use a different range if you arrive and find people working on the range. If available to...

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Upcoming Events

Durham Rod and Gun Club Regular Meeting @ Durham Rod and Gun Club
Dec 11 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

We start our regular monthly meetings this month.

7pm at the club house. The meeting should last about an hour.