Winter Conditions

I was at the range last weekend and found out how slippery it is. Just a reminder to be very careful when navigating around in these Icy Winter Conditions. Our sand supply is nearly used up and the main door to the sand shed is frozen in. Use extra caution if you retrieve sand from the side door as there is a couple missing floor boards that need replacing.

Pay close attention to the condition of the berms as well. Frozen berm surfaces could cause ricochets. If you experience these conditions you may have to re-position targets or discontinue shooting.

Soon we will be seeing the snow melt and the frost leave the ground. If you arrive at the range and find muddy conditions or the drive way has been blocked, do not drive in and damage the road. It may be possible to park by the pond and walk in if that part of the road is passable. If it isn’t we will temporarily shut down the road and post it accordingly at the gate as well as on the website. It will be advisable to always check the website before traveling to avoid a wasted trip.

Nelson Frost, President/Range Officer DRGC.

Don’t forget the annual meeting and pot luck supper December 4, 2018 posted

The meeting starts at 6 PM, with pot luck supper.  Bring something to share, if you were successful this fall, a favorite game dish would be great   There are no assigned dishes, so whatever anyone brings is what we eat. The club will supply beverages, coffee, tea, water, soda.  It’s a good time to get to know fellow club members while enjoying delicious fare.
New Target backing – 50 yard range

New Target backing – 50 yard range


Hi All,

I installed corrugated plastic (coroplast) target backings on the 50 yard range.  Please do not take these down unless replacement is necessary.  Let me know how long staples continue to work on targets and if taping targets to to backing works better.  Also, what kind of tape you think works best.

You may continue to use cardboard over the coroplast if you want but do not leave cardboard up after your session.  Remove it and dispose of it as before.  Any paper targets taped or stapled to the coroplast must be removed after use.  If you use stick on targets, just peal off what comes off easily.  Those types of targets should not cause an issue if they are not totally removed, just do the best you can.

I will be fitting the coroplast to the 25 yard target frames soon and also to the 200 yard frame.

As a reminder:

Pick up your brass ~ and extra if you find it.  Tip: spread a tarp out to the right of the shooter to make brass collection easier.(especially with leaves on the ground)

Put only brass in the barrels.  Trash carry in carry out policy still applies. (No cigarette butts on the ground either)

Thanks for your support.

Nelson Frost, President DRGC



New combination.

The gate, shed, and cook shack locks have the new combination. The clubhouse door will be programmed soon, until then use the old combination.

Don’t forget to pick up your brass and don’t leave cardboard on the ranges.

Nelson Frost
President and Range Officer
Durham Rod and Gun Club