Road improving

The club driveway is in good enough shape to drive in with caution. Grass areas are still very soft so stay on the gravel drive. If you make ruts, please repair them. If you are unable to repair them, report it using the email link on the website....

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DRGC driveway closed – mud season –

March 7, 2022 It's that time of year again. The frost is coming out of the club road and a sign has been posted at the gate: Walk in Only is in effect until further notice. Do NOT Drive in past the gate. Park in a manner that doesn't block...

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The snow removal equipment is out of service.

The tractor with the snow blower is out of commission.  The ranges will be snow covered. Be prepared to walk through snow if you want to use the ranges.  Better yet, feel free to do some volunteer work and remove snow from the ranges.  I'm sure the...

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Monthly Meeting

Our July Monthly meeting will be on the 12th at 7 pm.  Members and their guests welcome.This is the final meeting when the combination changes.  Please have your renewals paid up. After the meeting, all unpaid memberships will go to the end of the...

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Upcoming Events

Durham Rod and Gun Club range public Access
Dec 11 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

[raw]We have a limited number of shooting positions available for the 50 yard or 100/200 yard ranges.  A perfect opportunity to sight in or practice with your rifle.  Here is what you need to do to participate.

  • Register for a ticket. (To register click View Details or Register Now)
  • Registration is good only for the date and time on the ticket.
  • Registration closes at 8pm Saturday, plan ahead.
  • When approved you will be provided with a confirmation email.
  • There is a $10 nominal fee to help cover the cost of range maintenance  and safety officer coverage.
  • Please bring cash or check. You must be of legal age (or accompanied by an adult) and you must not be prohibited from possessing a firearm by law.
  • All firearms must be unloaded in a safe condition and kept separate from ammunition until instructed to load by a Range Safety Officer.
  • You must become familiar with all range safety rules.  See website for details.
  • All safe gun handling practices must be followed at all times.
  • Speed limit on the pound road is 15 MPH.  Do not exceed the speed limit.

Thanks for your interest in the shooting sports and Durham Rod and Gun Club.

Nelson Frost, President and Range officer