Road improving

The club driveway is in good enough shape to drive in with caution. Grass areas are still very soft so stay on the gravel drive.

If you make ruts, please repair them. If you are unable to repair them, report it using the email link on the website.

Thanks and don’t forget to pick up your brass.

DRGC driveway closed – mud season –

March 7, 2022

It’s that time of year again. The frost is coming out of the club road and a sign has been posted at the gate: Walk in Only is in effect until further notice. Do NOT Drive in past the gate. Park in a manner that doesn’t block emergency vehicles or local traffic.

The Pound road is very soft as well. Consider putting off your range time for now or limit use of the Pound road to cold mornings when the ground is frozen, if indeed it gets cold enough again.

I will post a notice on the website and send out another email when I am notified by the maintenance officer that the road is dry enough for traffic again.

Thank you,

Nelson Frost
President and Range Officer
Durham Rod and Gun Club

Please note that there are no meeting scheduled until March 2022.

We have been canceling the January and February meeting the last couple years due to dangerous driving conditions that are frequent that time of year.  It has worked well and we are continuing it this year.  If you have any business for the club, please contact the officers via phone or email.  The email link on the website is monitored daily as well.

The club remains open throughout the winter months.  Please be sure to donate some time to snow removal after storms and keep the ranges clean.  There is sand in the shed out back of the clubhouse to use for the icy paths and parking lot.


Have a safe and happy winter,

Nelson Frost, President – Durham Rod and Gun Club