Durham Rod & Gun Club

A Members and Guests only, NRA Affiliated Club

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Durham Rod & Gun Club

59 Pound Road

Durham, Me. 04222


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Thank You for Your Time and Efforts

We had a good group attend the Work Detail for the interior of the Club house yesterday.  Two coats were applied to the ceiling, the walls were done; will check them on Tuesday or Wednesday to see if another coat is needed, the door frames were painted and Robert is planning another trip to finish these. 


I would like to Thank the following people for their help Satuday:

Pal Dunn                                                             Manfred Braule

Daniel Gibbons                                                   Christina Skarz-Libby

Robert Broderick                                                 Jonathon Hnson

Nelsn Frost

Like the old addage; many hands create lght work.   Thank again, to everone thathelped out.




Club Pond is Now Open to all Club Members and Guest

The Fishing events are over for the season;  the pond has been opened for the Club members and their guests.  Fishing on the Pond is required to have a Maine Fishing license and to be with a member.  Daily Limit is two fish per person;  all fishing must be done wwith legal methods.  Flky Fishing, Hook and bait, or spins, etc.

Good Luck and enjoy your time on the water.  Please be Safe and Do Not Fish near the th Air Pump.  

Planned Events for 2014

At this time the planned events for the Durham Rod and Gun Club that will effect the Ranges are posted:

Check the Calendar before going the range to make sure the ranges are open.


Maine Traditional Archers dates are:

Feb. 16 with th storm date of Feb. 23

May 18

Jul 10th from 3pm to July 13 until 6m

September 21


LL Bean's Youth Fishing Day

June 7th 8a - 11am

Thank you in advance for  respect and unstanding.



Support the Bear Hunting Tradition in Maine

Support the Fight for Maine Traditional Bear Hunts.  Rafflel Tickets to Raise Money for the Fight.

Raffle Ticket a Bear Hunt over Bait 2014 Season - Cedar Ridge Outfitter's Jackman Maine

Second,Third, Forth Week.  Lodging, Meals, Transportation To and From the Site, Game Care included.

Drawing July 1st, 2014 - 500 Tickets available - $10.00 Each

Tickets to purchase or Sell of the cause: 

Ken Scribner -  Farmer1one@aol.com  -  Home 353- 4030  - Cell 212-3130

Help the Fight to Protect Our Hunting Rights

Annual Meeting

Don't forget the Annual Meeting on December 3, that's Tuesday at 6pm in the new club house.  Please RSVP as soon as possible to Christina  (if you have not yet):      319-0362 or, sklarzlibby@myfairpoint.net.

Bring a side dish or desert if you can.

Yankee swap will be optional.  To participate bring a wrapped gift 8 to 10 dollars maximum and sports related if possible.  Gently used is ok as well.

The dinner portion will be from 6 to approx. 6:45 when a brief meeting and election will take place.